Embracing our roots: Moving European Headquarters after 20 years

Flight Centre Travel Group   |   April 28, 2023
Embracing our roots: Moving European Headquarters after 20 year

Last month we were delighted to open the doors of our new European headquarters.

After more than twenty years in our previous location, we felt it was time to move to an elevated space in Wimbledon, London. Featuring modern meeting rooms, collaborative social spaces and the latest technology, our newly refurbished building accurately reflects our culture, ambition and goals.

Location and Design

After hundreds of locations were assessed, the decision was made to move to the vibrant area of Wimbledon. At Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) we never shy away from embracing our roots and our new office location is no different. In fact, it is the same address as our first head office in the UK more than 25 years ago.

Many of the design elements of the new office have been chosen to pay tribute to our culture and storied past. For example, all meeting rooms have been named after the cities home to our other head offices around the world. Also featured in the building is a piece of the artwork we commissioned by First Nations artist, Judi Sutton. The artwork tells our 40-year story; reflecting on our values, mission and history through the eyes of the artist. Each piece of the artwork is presented proudly in FCTG offices around the world, representing our connection across all our people globally and our shared journey of reconciliation.


Pictured on the wall is our piece of the artwork we commissioned by First Nations artist, Judi Sutton.


It was imperative that the move to the new office was as sustainable as possible. Our teams have worked hard to ensure that not only our new space operates in a way that aligns with our wider sustainability practices and goals, but the disposal of old office equipment was carried out in a sustainable manner.

Thanks to our partnership with Clear Workspace, all unused office furniture from our previous location - including desks, chairs, storage units and kitchen equipment was donated to one of their charity partners in Africa where it will help community projects and schools in the eastern region of Ghana. This project meant our furniture was going to those in need and also allowed us to divert 22,250 kg from landfill, equating to 17,200 kg of avoided CO2 emissions.

Thanks to the greater public transport connections in our new building, we are able to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Our people also actively support this endeavour through our cycle-to-work scheme and regular internal health and well-being challenges. Driven by our internal employee benefits team, these challenges promote movement and encourage people to walk to work where possible. For our other employees not based in our head office, we will carbon offset their travel whenever they need to visit.

Furthermore, our energy is supplied by a green energy provider – powering an energy-efficient office design. We have also employed a zero-waste-to-landfill policy to bring it into alignment with our other properties. This includes motion-censored lights and a ban on single-use plastics.

We look forward to further settling into the new space that we're confident will backdrop the business decisions and hard work that will help drive our company forward. Check out some images of the new head office below.

IMG_7806One of our new meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology.


IMG_7810New, modern kitchen with sparkling water on tap and a barista-style coffee machine.

IMG-7846Rooftop terrace with views of the London city skyline.

PXL_20230324_070434833Open floor plan seating encourages collaboration and mirrors our flat and transparent hierarchy.