In pictures: Flight Centre’s Global HQ – An Ode To Travel and Fun

Flight Centre Travel Group   |   September 16, 2019

Our office is unlike any other. At the heart of our brand is an unbridled love of fun - it’s even one of our EVPs. Take a tour around our global digs and see why we love to come to work each day and be around amazing people, the coolest office anywhere - and that view!

The slides

Our famed slides (yes, plural) are a never ending novelty - it also helps to feel like a big kid in a playground to loosen up an office environment!




Dat view

I mean, is there anything more beautiful? 




Of course no global office is complete without a gym to achieve that work-life balance! We even have group challenges that get everyone involved and the blood pumping. 





Unique meeting rooms

Some of our meeting rooms are modelled after things that have a special place in our history - for example the first Topdeck bus, the Eurorail and our airline partners.






The main entrance

Our main entrance is our opening act/piece de resistance! It greets you when you first walk in the building and reminds everyone/us of our purpose and why we come to work.



Inspirational walls

Our walls, like our people, aren’t blank! We’ve put heaps of fun, useful information on them which is a great way to acquaint yourself with the business and everyone in it. We’re a global network.

We’ve named our rooms after cities around the world, have huge decals explaining the FCTG brand network, and inspire with quotes and mantras that we like to live by. 








Open space areas 

You can’t do great work looking at the same walls everyday.

We have lots of break-out and collaborative areas where you can take work elsewhere, think, or have a casual meeting.




Food, glorious food

On each floor we have a communal kitchen and dining area, styled to the theme of that floor, because we love a good matching theme. There are multiple fridges (no “accidental” lunch eating mishaps) all cutlery and crockery needed as well as sandwiched presses, toasters, water taps and tea and coffee facilities. There are also seating areas for eating, chilling and casual meetings.




Our rooftop bar and restaurant is called MOFOS because we’re edgy like that. It offers fine dining as well as a bistro style offering, amazing coffee, a full bar – and of course, that view. Meals are priced more affordably than what you’d find in regular restaurants, making it a great option for eating cheaply and saving time.



This completes our tour of the FCTG global digs. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like ours?! Don’t get #officefomo, make sure you check out our job listings on our careers page. Or if there’s nothing currently available, we’re always on the lookout for guns in IT, finance, HR, sales, marketing and creative. Send us an email and tell us why we absolutely must get you in for a chat. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be standing at the floor to ceiling window drinking coffee and trying to solve a business problem like a pro.

Nearby goodies

Did we mention what other treasures lie in wait? There’s a Woolies right underneath the building so you can pick up dinner/lunch/snacks/second breakfast (no judgement) with the utmost convenience. South Bank train and bus stations are also a stone’s throw away, and we have end of trip facilities for cyclists with secure bike storage and (best of all) showers!

Nearby are the South Bank parklands to get some fresh air and Vitamin D, but most importantly, endless bars and restaurants for Friday lunches/post work drinks.

Does this look like the workplace of your dreams? Check out our current career opportunities in our Global HQ with a view!