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Go behind the scenes with FCM Meetings & Events as they launch their show-stopping managed events service to the UK

In celebration of the launch of FCM Meetings & Events in the UK, we decided to lift the curtain on some of the incredible team members working behind the scenes.

Meet Brittany Burbidge (Team Manager, Managed Events) and Melanie Morris (Team Manager, Venue Source and Group Travel Team). Find out more about Brittany and Mel's Flight Centre Travel Group journey and what they're most excited about in the Meetings & Events space.

Brittany Burbidge - Team Manager, Managed Events.

What has been your FCTG journey so far?

I joined Flight Centre Travel Group in 2017 as a Travel & Event Coordinator in the company’s cievents brand in Auckland, New Zealand. After quickly progressing through various event roles, I moved to London in June 2022 to help drive the growth of the FCM Meetings & Events business in the UK. In my current role as Event Manager, I am responsible for developing and evolving the company's events offering, creating one best ways and helping to ensure a high-end service is provided for all FCM Clients.

What is your experience working in the meetings and events industry?

I have had 5 years of experience working in the industry. In that time I have worked in several different countries and spoken at event industry conferences.

 What has been your favourite FCTG memory so far?

My favourite memory from an FCTG event would be when I was awarded the National Outstanding Achiever award at our National Ball (pictured below). It was the BEST moment as my team were running the event so they made it extra special and I felt so proud accepting the award – especially at an event I had helped plan!

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)

 Why are you so passionate about the FCM Meetings & Events business?

I do it for the people! Events bring people together and provide opportunities for people to experience something new, grow, and connect in a unique way. Each time I plan an event, I always look forward to the moment I see the attendees’ eyes light up and I know I have created a memory they will remember forever.

 What are you most excited about with the launch of FCM Meetings & Events?

I am so excited to see the business flourish! The events industry has adapted and grown so much since 2020 and I have loved having the honour of adapting these new possibilities. To now come back with a fresh new look and fresh new ideas, I have no doubt our clients will love our new alternative service.

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

Melanie Morris - Team Manager, Venue Source and Group Travel Team.

What has been your FCTG journey so far?

I have been in the business a very long time (20 years). I started as a Project Manager at FCM Conference and Events and Hotel Desk in 2003 before the brand name changed to cievents. After having two children, I went part-time for a year or so working in Corporate Traveller and cievents. I then became an Event Director with cievents for 10 years before the brand expanded and opened Ci Groups - which I became the Manager of. Post-COVID cievents transformed into FCM Meetings & Events and we went from just two of us to now an expanding 12. Today, I am the Team Manager for the Venue Source and Group Travel Team.

What experiences has working in the meetings and events industry given you?

It has given me the opportunity to travel to over 45 countries and over 150 different cities while working and staying in some of the best hotels in the world and meeting some amazing people.

What has been your favourite memory so far?

Client event-wise - taking a very famous drinks company's CEOs to Puerto Rico for an incentive and doing a helicopter tour over the rainforest. Also, on the same trip, visiting the Bacardi original brewing plant. I have also attended Global Gathering four times and loved each one - especially Singapore which was epic.

IMG_0509_OriginalCocktail making on the beach as a team build in Puerto Rico.


Zip lining across a ravine in Mauritius.

What has been your favourite FCTG event?

I used to organise the UK Summer Ball which was at times stressful but a lot of fun. I have also organised the UK Global Gathering flights for 10 years which was always really exciting for people.

IMG_2945_OriginalMel assisting at the airport for the 250 UK attendees of the Global Gathering in Singapore

Why are you so passionate about the FCM Meetings & Events business?

Being able to give clients new experiences, allowing them to meet others, and engaging with people.

What are you most excited about with the launch of FCM Meetings & Events?

Growing the margins and being recognised as a brand within FCTG once again. I am mostly excited to expand the offering for our clients.

We look forward to all the wonderful things Brittany, Mel and the rest of the team will achieve as they continue to move from strength to strength. Looking to join a meetings and events company like no other? View our current FCM Meetings & Events roles from right across the globe here
The team of experts at FCM Meetings & Events creates show-stopping virtual and in-person meetings, conferences and events, whether it’s for 10 or 10,000 attendees. To find out more visit the link here.
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