Take an inside look into what being a Business Development Representative for Corporate Traveller is all about

Erin Johnson   |   March 30, 2022
Take an inside look into what being a Business Development Representative for Corporate Traveller is all about

Are you ready to work in a fun, motivating and positive environment where you can take ownership over your work and see your hard work pay off? We are looking for Business Development Representatives across the country to take that next step in their career and be part of this new and exciting growth phase.⁠

We sat down with Erin, a BDR for the Flight Centre SME Corporate Brands to get an inside look at what this role is all about. Keep reading to see what Erin had to say is her favourite thing about working in her team and what advice she would give to someone applying.

What is a day in the life in your role? 

The majority of my day is spent prospecting, a combination of cold calls, emails and Linkedin messages using our CRM.

What makes the company culture unique?

The support from one another in the workplace and outside of it. We’re all after the same mission in helping find solutions for customers and we have fun while we do it!

What would you say to someone who is applying for this role?

Resilience is key, but you always have a support team surrounding you. Be prepared to be challenged with the current climate but also feel extremely rewarded once you do find that customer who is really needing our help.

What is a unique part of your role?

The industries vary with who travels. Sure, we have a list of top industries travelling, but you always find some surprises that you don’t expect and even think the business would need our service. We’re lucky to have an option of SME brands for whatever suits the customer’s needs best. We are also a national team where you get exposure to different markets and BDM sales approaches.

What are some unique employee perks that FCTG offers?

MyBenefits app with retail discounts, phone packages, special rates with personal travel, growth and development opportunities with incredible leaders.

What do you love most about working with your team?

We’re all located across the country which allows us to share experiences about our different states. We come from all different backgrounds and tenure within FCTG which creates a great blend of knowledge and personalities.

Erin NSW Sales TeamNSW Sales Team

What is something that your team does differently?

We’re constantly sharing our wins with each other and how we’ve accomplished them. We’re very collaborative and keep our group chat alive with probably too many GIFs. We speak about information we may not fully understand and organise a meeting with an expert in our business. We’re a proactive, competitive but supportive group.

How do you take advantage of FCTG’s flexible culture?

FCTG’s flat and transparent structure provides us with the ability to express our thoughts and ideas freely. I feel comfortable reaching out to anyone in the business no matter what their division is or title. FCTG is a very welcoming group that hires a special kind of person that works incredibly hard, is resilient and has plenty of laughs and fun. 

Ready to join Erin and the team and take your career to new heights? We're hiring Business Development Representatives in Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide.

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