Working with A-List celebs and ensuring the safe return of hard-hitting journalists is just a normal day in the life for Nicolle

Working with A-List celebs and ensuring the safe return of hard-hitting journalists is just a normal day in the life for Nicolle

From working with A-List celebs to ensuring the safe return of hard-hitting journalists – all in a day’s work for Nicolle, Assistant Team Manager at Stage, Screen and Sports.

Find out all about Nicolle’s accomplished Flight Centre Travel Group career and how to be a part of her exciting and rapidly evolving team.

Nicolle started her Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) journey in 2016 as a Travel Consultant. After excelling through her training, Nicolle’s leaders identified her potential early on and she was soon promoted to Assistant Team Manager - not even a year before she began. During her time as Assistant Team Manager, Nicolle was given the opportunity to visit Flight Centre Charity’s partner school in Soweto, South Africa, which she describes as an extremely humbling experience.  


Nicolle volunteering at FCTG's partner school in Soweto, South Africa.

“Working within the travel industry of course a massive perk is getting to travel yourself. We get some incredible agent benefits with hotels and airlines, which has allowed me to travel to some places and stay in hotels I could have only dreamed of. One of my travel highlights would be staying at Jade Mountain resort in St Lucia, with open-air rooms, a pool inside your room and your very own butler!” Nicolle reflects. 



Nicolle during her stay at Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia.

Nicolle remained in the role until 2020 where she witnessed first-hand the massive effect COVID had on the corporate travel industry. As business slowed in the corporate travel space, Nicolle knew her expertise could be leveraged in other areas of the business. At the time, FCTG’s Stage, Screen and Sports brand (or Stage and Screen as it's known in Australia), specialising in the travel management of the sports and entertainment industries, was booming and in November 2020 Nicolle began to assist the team part-time, before moving into a permanent position at the start of 2021. The team moved from strength to strength and eventually went on to win the top team award at our exclusive Global Gathering ball, the pinnacle reward and recognition celebration for the year, in Vegas. Soon after taking home their crown, Nicolle stepped back into a leadership position as Assistant Team Manager.  


Nicolle and her team celebrating their win at Global Gathering, Las Vegas 2022.

Despite her personal and team accolades, Nicolle says the best thing about her Flight Centre Travel Group journey has been the people she has shared it with. “As cheesy as it sounds, you genuinely make friends for life in this company,” says Nicolle. 

“Partying on the beach in Hawaii at my first ever Global Ball, having our end-of-year ball fall on one of the biggest world cup games that year and watching on the big screen, or writing and filming a charity Christmas single with my entire office, are just some of the incredible memories I have made. There is always something fun to look forward to, and when there isn’t, just getting to work with your best friends is a perk within itself.” 


Supporting England in the World Cup 2018 after the end-of-year ball.

To cater for the increase in demand, due to a recent surge in the entertainment industry, Nicolle and her team have put a call out for travel consultants who are ready to take their career to the next level. When asked what sets apart a Stage, Screen and Sports consultant from other travel consultant roles, Nicolle explains that the basics of the role are essentially the same: knowledge of systems, fares and the general industry, however, working in the specialist business means gaining unique knowledge and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.  

“Working with the newest and most exciting productions to hit our screens, knowing how to get the approval for an oxygen tank on an aircraft, ensuring the safe return of journalists in time to deliver a special news report, or learning what a carnet is, are all examples of what makes working in this role so unique - and a lot of fun,” says Nicolle. 

If you have industry experience and enjoy all things travel, entertainment, news and sports we strongly encourage you to apply.  

“While GDS experience is essential, don’t be afraid if you’ve never worked in a specialist team before. We don’t expect people to walk in and be an expert, our team has the experience, tools and guidance you need to succeed in this role. If you have good customer service, can take on information well and are eager to learn, we’d love to hear from you,” says Nicolle. 

“Another great thing about this role is that you never stop learning. Even with a team as experienced as us, we are always faced with a new challenge, and we work together to come up with a solution” 

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With the team evolving and taking on exciting new clients in the new year, now is the perfect time to apply and watch your career take off. These roles are hot off the press so we recommend applying as fast as we can say ‘break a leg!’. To apply visit the link here.

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