Cherie’s Work-Life Balance with Flight Centre

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Cherie Canning’s bright career and work-life balance with Flight Centre Travel Group is outshone only by her passionate personality. The new mum recently returned to work following maternity leave - into her new role as the much-loved leadership trainer for FCTG’s entire Australian support team in Brisbane. 

Cherie manages to nail this role three days a week, remain a big personality in the company, help start-up awesome new in-house initiatives like Parentwise (a program to keep parental leavers engaged with the company and staff while away) as well as spend treasured time with her young daughter.

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“When I am at work I give it my absolute all. You work hard, you are busy, but when you walk out that door you are supported by a company that wants you to spend quality time with your family,” the 36-year-old explains.

Starting with the company nearly 15 years ago, the self-proclaimed ‘social media nut’ walked into Flight Centre as a novice travel consultant in Sydney in the early noughties. “The people, career and travel opportunities have made my time fly by,” Cherie recalls.

It was only after breaking her back tobogganing while living in Switzerland did Cherie, at age 20, return to Australia in search of a rewarding career. 

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“I had to apply twice before I got the job as the first time I had no sales experience or qualifications. So I went and worked in a call centre to boost my customer service skills and reapplied,” she laughs.

Fast forward to today and Cherie has left big shoes to fill within FCTG across two states, working her way up to team leader, area leader and now working part-time as a leadership trainer for support teams. All of Cherie’s training and development has been received in-house.

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“I work in a company where we have incredible opportunities. We can move jobs for change and growth as well as experience incredible travel. My role as leadership trainer for the support team... it is an honour being chosen to train, nurture and develop current and future leaders of the company. I can see myself in this role for a long time. Aside from loving my job and working for a purpose there is flexibility, you are well paid and you are recognised for the hard work you do.” 

Asked how to move up the ladder and achieve work-life balance at the same time, Cherie replies: “My best advice is to always share with your mentors what your brightness of future is. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want, and ask for feedback on how to get it. If you work hard you will succeed. With Flight Centre you’re with a company that is open to flexibility.”

Not only has Cherie seen fast and rewarding career growth, but she says at least half of the 69 countries she has visited have been through her work. 

“USA, UK, Spain, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Brunei, parts of the Middle East… I have been to some incredible places either as a reward for hard work or at a discount thanks to the company I work for.

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“I also met my husband at Flight Centre, but that’s another story.”

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