Our Recruiters Describe the Ideal Flight Centre Candidate

Our Recruiters Describe the Ideal Flight Centre Candidate

There’s a lot more to a great Flight Centre candidate than technical skills. We spoke with two of our recruitment specialists to get a glimpse into the company’s culture and what they look for in candidates. 

Shayna King, Recruitment Consultant 

At Flight Centre, we hold our staff and incoming applicants to a high standard, which leads to many repeat applicants (like myself)!

An interest in travel and culture is essential, as is the ability to learn and accept feedback along the way. Our recruitment process involves several stages of screening, with several recruiters assessing candidates, to ensure we get the best and go beyond giving the illusion of a good hire. We also offer advice if you’re unsuccessful, giving you the chance to improve your application in the future.

What we’re looking for are people who have experience in fast-paced customer service-oriented environments. They have to be driven and easily able to transition into the many facets of a role. I like to see people who have stayed in previous jobs for the long term, demonstrating loyalty to their team and who hold a versatile skill-set, bringing a fresh perspective to their work. I also want to hear about setbacks and how those added value to your approach. Finding someone who aspires to continue growing in the job while working on all aspects of themselves is invaluable. 

Here are my tips for getting your foot in the door at Flight Centre:

  1. Provide plenty of detail about your strengths but keep it concise — recruiters spend as little as six seconds observing your resume, so make sure it’s eye-catching.

  2. Ensure that the skills you emphasise are relevant to the job description — although you’re probably applying for a lot of jobs, tailoring yourself to the job is vital for demonstrating your suitability for a specific role.

  3. Emphasise your team-building abilities – I can’t stress this enough. In challenging situations and at peak travel periods, we look for people who will not only consolidate their own portfolio but are ready and willing to assist others in achieving KPIs.

Georgia Slattery, Specialist Recruiter

At Flight Centre, we like to be involved in our employees’ growth, from the interview stage through to their long-term goals. Our policies also ensure against bias and our recruitment team is trained to see candidates in terms of whether or not they’re right for the job, rather than superficial factors that may limit the diversity of our team.

Our ideal candidate will translate their skills and energy in person, not just on paper. A great resume will get you an interview, but it becomes clear pretty quickly whether your resume truly represents what you can offer. To that end, we like people who deliver on promises and are consistent in their achievements. We also watch for signs of versatility. The travel industry rapidly and frequently undergoes changes in policy so you need to be comfortable in revising what you know. 

Here are some of the ways you can show you’re a good fit for our team:

  1. Have the drive to improve the people working around you – this positive energy has huge impact day-to-day and if you can convey this in the interview, it will set you apart.
  2. Show us that you’re flexible and open to change – give us a concrete example of how you’ve adapted to change previously in other organisations.
  3. Be yourself – above all, we want to see your authentic self, so try to stay calm and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. 

Diversity is a key component of our hiring process. We foster allyship, catering to a range of customers, and we want our staff to mirror those values. We’re also ‘Womenwise’, with 81% of our staff identifying as female, and we’re structured to support gender balance across our leadership teams. We’re also looking for a love of travel and passion for adventure – and, of course, someone with a sense of fun! 

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