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Just because you can’t see your interviewer doesn’t mean a telephon interview is any less important. Here are six tips to help you handle your telephone interview with confidence.

1. Preparation is key

Do some research about the role you’ve applied for and the responsibilities as well as Flight Centre Travel Group as a company. Take the time to jot down some dot points about what’s important to communicate about your skills, experience and why you want to work with us.

2. Pick the right place

Make sure you’re somewhere quiet with no distractions and strong network coverage. To give yourself the best chance, you need to be focused on the task at hand.

3. Smile as you dial

Your smile changes the tone of your voice to sound positive and upbeat. Think about your posture. You sound more energised and professional if you are standing up rather than slumped on the sofa or lying down in bed.

4. Speak clearly and audibly

We’ll try to make the discussion as relaxed as possible. If you’re nervous, you might talk too fast and/or interrupt the interviewer. Take a few deep breaths to compose yourself. Interviewers would prefer you to take 30 seconds to respond rather than jumping in with an answer that isn’t tailored to what you are being asked.

5. Your attitude is key

We’re looking for drive and motivation, optimism, passion and a willingness to learn. Be prepared to communicate why this role appeals to you, what motivates you and what you look forward to learning to become a successful member of the team.

6. Sell yourself

This is your chance to shine in a short conversation. Don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer why you think you’re the right person for the role and the strengths and skills you would bring.

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