What do Recruiters Really Look for in a Resume?

So you’ve sent in your resume and applied for your dream job. Now what?

Waiting to hear from a recruiter to see if you landed an interview can nerve-wracking. While you may believe that you have a great resume and are a perfect fit for the role you applied for, there’s no denying that the reality of the role can be vastly different from what you envisioned.

The disconnect between resumes and roles

A person’s perception of the role they are applying for and the reality of the role are often two very different things. A candidate may believe they’re the perfect fit on paper, without understanding what the role really requires. Candidates may also be applying for upwards of 20 jobs per week – meaning they’re not necessarily reading through the exact requirements needed for each role.

There is so much talent out there, and the reality is companies are more likely to look at your prior work history rather than the transferable skillsets gained in certain roles. There is also no “official” way to write a resume, and candidates often don’t detail their most relevant experiences and skills to best sell themselves – which can lead to them being overlooked.

With this in mind, it’s key for candidates to craft a resume that’s relevant and concise because if they don’t, they will be passed over – no matter how much experience they have!

Creating a solid resume

Content is key. As a recruiter, I want to know what you’ve done, what you’ve achieved, and most importantly, what you’ve learned. I want to see details about role longevity and the skills you’ve gained along the way.

In New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for Flight Centre, we receive an average of 2000 applications a month. When my team and I are screening those resumes, we look for the best of the best to bring through to the next round of interviews. You need to make sure that the content of your resume is relevant to the roles you are applying for.

What we look for at Flight Centre

We want passionate people who want to work with us because we are a very driven company with high expectations for our staff. At each and every step of our recruitment process, we give honest feedback, and if a candidate is unsuccessful, we give tips for how they can improve in future. We have hired so many people who have come by the recruitment process more than once, including me!

At Flight Centre, I specifically recruit for retail sales roles. My team and I look for people with sales, retail or hospitality experience in fast-paced environments. Beyond that, we want people who are open to learning and are driven, team players. There’s nothing better than finding someone who is resilient and genuinely wants to improve. Most importantly, we look for people that have a passion for all things travel!

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