What Flight Centre's Culture of Employee Growth Really Looks Like

What Flight Centre's Culture of Employee Growth Really Looks Like

The best kind of workplace isn’t just one that fits you as you currently are – it’s one that will continue to fit you as you grow, and support you as you do it.

How well a company does this depends on its values and workplace culture. Employees need to fit these ideals but also bring their own unique strengths to the workplace. When transitioning to a new career or growing your skillset, working for a company that is invested in employee development is key.

How Flight Centre supports staff growth

At Flight Centre, our employees go a long way in shaping our cultural identity. While our culture is envisioned by our leaders, it’s put through its paces by our staff. This means that by growing our employees we’re also growing our culture.

Thanks to our culture, employees have the opportunity to go beyond the guidance and outline of expectations we set for them, and we have great perks for those who do go beyond their sales targets. We also take feedback from our people to shape policy and to determine what we need to implement for productivity and results. Their feedback on what needs to change is always considered. 

We also place a big emphasis on developing our existing staff through internal and external training programs and promoting internal opportunities wherever possible. As a result, it’s very common to see people commence in store, and end up working in support roles or becoming future leaders of the business. 

The role of HR in growing employees

Flight Centre’s Human Resources team provides support to all individuals within the business, from leadership to coaching to development of our employees. More specifically, we provide guidance on company policies, procedures, business changes and compliance requirements. We also deal with ad hoc training to all of our staff, managing any employee grievances and workplace investigations.

That means as an HR Business Partner, my job is very diverse! But it also means I get a look into exactly what issues and concerns our staff have on a macro level, allowing me to provide the right kind of support to the right kind of people. As our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, constantly adapting my approach is essential. This adaptability is also what helps us successfully assist individual employees, despite being a huge company.

What employees need to bring to the table to support their own growth

When we look for people to bring on board, we want them to be interested in growing and shaping the company as well. Though Flight Centre and HR work behind the scenes to help employees thrive with training and events, proactive motivation and interest in working as a team are essential for the individual.

Employees that do the best at Flight Centre develop their soft skills so they can comfortably communicate with people across all areas of the business. Openness and tact also go a long way in working at Flight Centre!

To that end, we work hard but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. We expect our staff to enjoy themselves every day and to leave work feeling fulfilled. Those who are willing to challenge and be challenged will find a career at Flight Centre very rewarding.

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