A visual feast of Sydney’s HQ

A visual feast of Sydney’s HQ

We invite you to take a peek at Flight Centre Travel Group’s Sydney HQ in the heart of booming North Sydney. Feast your eyes on the views, the hub that it’s surrounded by and the smartly designed recreational facilities. Basically, it’s the sauce.

Read on about what makes our Syd digs special...

Location location

The building is in a great spot with access to all that North Sydney has to offer, which is currently going through a revival and welcoming a whole lot of new businesses - including Channel 9 moving in next year. It also has undercover pedestrian zones with access to the train station - take that, rain!


The building

The building’s previous inhabitants were from Carnival Australia - fellow travel lovers! As we went about designing and carefully planning the new fitout, we made sure we were maximising the original features that came with the building.

As part of our recycling and waste reduction schemes, we were able to retain, recycle or reuse in some way.

A few things we did:

  • Retain all workstations and reuse everything
  • Recycle all desk chairs
  • Donate unwanted white goods to the homeless in Parramatta
  • Recycle all the old carpet

Nothing went to waste or landfill - and that was the true #winner.

5-_DSC7305 (1)



Special features and the fun stuff

Throughout the office we’ve got our museum curated pieces similar to the Global HQ office - with memorabilia and artefacts sourced from throughout our history.


Levels 3, 4 and 5 are interconnected through the internal aircraft-like stairs. Level 9 (the training floor) is rumoured to have views of the Sydney Harbour no less, and the best kitchen of all - we thought we’d save the jewels of the office for the new recruits. This just made sense to us to give existing and prospective staff the motivation to want to work at FCTG that much more.


The interior boasts open, interactive spaces with all rooms WiFi equipped. This freedom allows employees to work anywhere, anytime - no one is desk bound and regular stretching is encouraged!

For meetings and events there’s a great boardroom offering to show off to the corporate clients as well as giving our own staff pride in the spaces they use daily.



Our usual patriotic MOFOS theming is apparent right throughout the office - from backlit “know your crew” lightboxes to museum curator pieces spread throughout - so you’ll never forget where you work!





The kitchen is the central hub of all rubbish and recycling - it’s one reason we don’t have bins at every single desk (get up and get the blood moving!). We also encourage everyone to incorporate reusable cups as much as possible - so recycling your paper/plastic waste or rinsing your reusable cup in the kitchen is a good way to take a few minutes away from your desk and get some quality chat time with fellow flighties. It’s a good mind declutterer - and every step counts for those who are counting!

Similar to the Global HQ themed rooms but a spectacle in their own right, the Sydney HQ has meeting rooms in the form of an airplane nose, cruise boat and hotel facade for a bit of a travel flavour (what else!).




Bliss out

Our recreational offering is something to be admired. Just like the Global HQ in Brisbane, there’s a gym, massage rooms, end of trip facilities and group activities available. The main gym area can be closed off for a yoga session, and the end of trip facilities are complete with fluffy white towels and mouthwash to feel your freshest at the end of a bike ride in #smashingpersonalbests. All of this comes with the payoff that we wanted to make our employees feel special and valued.


We work hard, but we want people to enjoy working at FCTG and be proud of the place they call their office. So, reckon you want to join in on the fun? Search for a job with FCTG here.