An Inside Look into Life at Flight Centre

An Inside Look into Life at Flight Centre

Meet Team Leader Rhys D’Silva! After trying out a variety of jobs from hospitality to fitness, Rhys joined Flight Centre. Now, just a year and a half later, he’s been promoted from Consultant to Team Leader. In our chat with Rhys, we ask him to share a bit about the culture and day-to-day life at Flight Centre.

Hi Rhys, could you describe what a typical day at Flight Centre is like?

“I like to make sure the team starts the day with coffee interactions and chats. We talk about how everyone is going and what’s happening in their lives and work. It’s a nice tradition and a good way to get the team together.

“Afternoon time is customer service and sales time, where we really knuckle down. We work on planning and booking holidays that customers have wanted for a long time, as well as holidays they didn’t know they wanted! Of course, we make sure we have fun doing it.

Aside from that, there isn’t really a typical week! We’re all over the shop Monday to Friday with different clients and jobs. No day is ever the same, which keeps it very interesting.”

You mentioned having fun at work – what does that look like for your team?

“So one of the things we do that’s become like a tradition is our Games Day. It happens once a week and it always has a theme. Games Day is literally that — a day where we get together and play board games, like Heads Up or Cards Against Humanity, or whatever someone’s brought in that day.

“A big part of that fun too is keeping things less serious even when we’re ‘on the job’. It really helps when things get busy, or we need to take over someone’s customers when they’re on leave. We’ve built a connection between team members, and it’s always more fun to work with your friends and people you know really well.”

How do you try to build that connection?

“Our morning coffee chats, but also just trying to always have an open conversation with everyone. We end up knowing a lot about everyone’s lives inside and outside of work. That way we can understand what each of us is going through, and be there at times when we need support. One of the best things about working here is how everyone looks after each other.”

What would you say to someone looking to begin a career at Flight Centre?

I’d say that’s a good choice. Flight Centre is a great company to grow a career in because of all the opportunities there are to do it! For example, I’ve only been at Flight Centre for about a year and a half and during that time I’ve been able to move from Consultant to Assistant Team Leader to Team Leader.

There are lots of career nights that the company holds and lots of jobs that get either advertised internally first or just internally exclusively. For brand new people to the company, there are store walk-ins where you get to come in, meet the team and do a sort of mini-interview to really get to know whether the job is a good fit for you.

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