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Becoming a Leader in the Travel Industry

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a months-long trip around the world, selling the right travel experience is no easy feat. With 13 years’ experience in the industry, Amanda Coppola, Team Leader for Flight Centre Barangaroo, shares how passion is key to being a great leader in travel.

Being at Flight Centre for 13 years, I’ve soaked up all the information I can from training, past and current leaders, and have worked my way from novice right up to Senior Team Leader. For me, working in the travel industry is unlike any other business. We have the opportunity to talk about what we’re passionate about every day while selling personal experiences our customers love. 

When I reflect on my career, a few lessons stand out about what it takes to be a successful leader:

1. Care about your people

For me, being a good leader starts with caring about your people and customers. You need to be able to set goals for your team and keep them accountable. Although it can be hard, having tough conversations, being honest and setting expectations is key to setting your people up for success. It also never hurts to have a sense of humour and motivate others to love their job as much as you do!

2. Surround yourself with the right people

Working to become a leader really depends on you and the people you surround yourself with. At Flight Centre, we have so many amazing female leaders that we can reach out to and ask for help.! I’ve even been able to reach out to strong female leaders throughout our company whose advice and mentorship has helped me grow into a better leader.

3. Remember you have to start somewhere

Starting out as a fresh Travel Sales Consultant, it’s important to be patient. You have to put in the hard work to reap the benefits. This means being open to new opportunities and proactively building your client base all the time. 

Don’t be afraid to seek out a mentor and learn from them. You’ll be able to refine your skills and work on your weaknesses, all the while working towards becoming a great leader.

What it’s like to be a leader at Flight Centre

Working at Flight Centre affords me the opportunity to pursue my two passions: selling travel and talking to people. Our company is full of amazing and inspiring humans that truly motivate you to be your best self at work. People are kind, a little crazy, and always there to support you. We’re able to share in our customers’ stories and successes as a business, and have endless opportunities to grow ourselves and our career. 

Above all, we work hard, adapt to change, and never take ourselves too seriously!

Are you looking to build a successful career in travel? Get your travel career started and learn more about Flight Centre Travel Group at fctgcareers.com.

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