How to Become a Customer Service Focused Travel Consultant

Korey Fisher is a Customer Support Manager at Flight Centre and she knows exactly what it means to have great customer service skills.

Good customer service isn’t just an add-on to your product or service. For some jobs, it’s part and parcel of what you’re offering. Korey Fisher is a Customer Support Manager, and she knows exactly what it means to have great customer service.

Customer service isn’t just about being polite.

Having excellent customer service skills creates a professional reputation for both yourself and your organisation’s brand. Beyond that, knowing you’ve provided great service creates a sense of pride in what you do and the business you work for.

A Travel Sales Consultant is one of the most customer-focused jobs, where you’re constantly chatting and working with customers to create personalised experiences. Although challenging at times, there are plenty of reasons why you should go for it.

Why you should be looking for a customer service job

A job in customer service serves as a great foundation for your future career due to the sheer amount of skills you learn on the go. You’ll find that these skills are desirable in all sorts of roles and will greatly benefit you down the line.

Strong communication is one of the most important skills to possess in any role.  A customer-facing role will teach you how to communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders. It also builds your emotional intelligence and helps you become more empathetic and in touch with people’s needs and wants - great skills to have if your career takes you into leadership.

Customer-facing roles also allow you to develop problem-solving skills and foster a solution-focused attitude, which will help you to navigate any business challenges that come your way. 

If you’re unsure about what career path you want to take, a job in customer service is a great opportunity to experience and try bits and pieces. Our travel consultants at Flight Centre have moved into a variety of fields including, Training, HR, Marketing, Customer Support and more.

Customer service checklist

The idea of ‘good customer service’ can be ambiguous if you’re unsure of what it entails. On the road to becoming an expert, you can break it down into a few simple categories and work on mastering them all.

Generally, someone that’s great at customer service has these qualities:

They're Professional

Being professional simply means you are reliable, respectful and well mannered to everyone you come in contact with.

They take a personalised service approach

If you wish to go the next step for your customer, you need to be paying attention to each customer’s needs, instead of applying a blanket approach to all.

For example, you may have been trained to personally engage with all customers by taking an interest in their lives. But what if you encounter a customer that’s uncomfortable with small talk? In those cases, it’s better to be as straightforward and efficient as possible to provide an excellent customer experience.

They're efficient

This is about getting things done in a quality and timely manner. The biggest challenge involving efficiency is knowing what to prioritise without diminishing a customer’s overall experience.

Being able to identify a customer’s needs and motives quickly is a hard skill to master. The faster you do it by just having a brief chat with them, the quicker you can apply the above elements to your interactions to create the best experience you can deliver.

Why should you become a Travel Sales Consultant at Flight Centre?

If you’re interested in growing a career in customer service, Flight Centre Travel Group is a great place to start. We have a fantastic team to help you learn and improve your skills from the very first day. We’re also always on the ball with providing new customer experiences so you get the chance to work with the latest technologies and digital enhancements.