From Airline Tickets to Cruise Ships: Angie’s Flight Centre Career is Filled with the Thrill of Success & Building Lasting Relationships

From Airline Tickets to Cruise Ships: Angie’s Flight Centre Career is Filled


If you’re looking for a story of growth, adventure, and hard work paying off, look no further than Angie Reilly. She started her journey with a Bachelor of Business and Travel Management from UQ and a passion for adventure.


She took a leap of faith and answered a little ad in the newspaper looking for talent at Flight Centre’s ticketing team. Angie began her travel career in high spirits on her 21st birthday in the Air team, at a time when paper tickets were still in use & the skies were filled with the sound of the Concorde & Ansett was in operation.


Angie quickly proved herself as determined & ambitious, and her hard work paid off in the form of promotions. She quickly rose to an assistant team leader within a couple of years and shortly after transitioned to a team leader role where she managed people and operations amounting to the millions. Even though smashing goals and excelling in every aspect of her role as a team leader, Angie realized that her true strengths and what fuelled her fire lay in sales and not necessarily in a leadership role.




Angie took a step back from the team leader role and leaned into her strengths, focusing solely on sales within the air team. Although the role aligned with her ambitious sales-driven personality, it soon became too comfortable and she was ready for a change. With the help of her leader at the time, Angie moved to the world of cruises, even though having never been on at the time – it was a new challenge for her.


She may not have known her starboard from her portside at the time of her interview, but she was ready to learn. She swapped planes for ships and threw herself into a new world. She invested time and energy into learning the ins and outs of cruising and it paid off. Angie excelled, with a highlight of her career being able to host several cruises as the only rep onboard – her confidence and determination allowed her to develop the skills that set her apart from the rest.FB_IMG_1675919746284

Cruise customers are a unique breed, once they cruise, they do it for life. 

Angie became a point of difference and created lasting relationships she could be proud of. She describes the immense satisfaction she gains from helping cruising travellers plan their trips and hearing back from them that she had helped them live out the best holiday of their lives. 


Even with the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Angie kept her passion for cruising alive by returning as a cruise specialist in a retail setting. With cruises picking up again and the demand booming, Angie is more excited than ever to book customers and experience their excitement to set sail. A feeling she knows all too well, as her position has allowed her to embark on various cruises including her most notable journey to Alaska with Seabourn Cruises.



If, like Angie, you have an unwavering passion for travel & the ambitions to set yourself apart from the crowd – now is the time to apply. With a growing number of roles opening in our specialist team across the country - don’t let this opportunity slip past you.


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