How To Deliver Service That Keeps Customers Coming Back

How To Deliver Service That Keeps Customers Coming Back

A key part of Flight Centre’s success is our adaptability and tailored approach to our customers’ travel experience, for business or leisure. But what does this look like?  

We talked to three of our customer support specialists to get their distinct perspectives on what Flight Centre does day-to-day to raise the customer service bar. 

Jennifer Lee, Team Leader

My core tips: Have good listening skills, provide authentic recommendations, and make transactions easy.

Keeping staff motivated and inspired is key to driving the same enthusiasm across Flight Centre’s client base, and you can do this by lending an ear to their concerns and troubles – be a good, supportive listener by balancing advice and empathy!

We generate business through tailored recommendations that help us deliver a customised service to each client. I encourage my staff to build positive, real relationships with each customer to know what they really want, and to be unafraid going above and beyond for them. It’s always fantastic to be able to provide them with more than the expected value of their transaction. 

Customers need to experience travel unhampered, and they rely heavily on our proficiency to guarantee their journey is easy, smooth and memorable. Our service helpline is there to ensure customers are never alone and provide travel tips and recommendations. A key worry of most customers is money – so making sure transactions are easy and efficient is key to allaying worries.

Korey Fisher, Customer Support Manager

My core tip: Helping consultants be the best they can be is a whole-company effort, but don’t forget to keep learning.

Competency and efficiency come from experience, and the longer our consultants stay on the more they learn.

Career progression and a sense of mobility are key to talent retention, but also to a customer service culture. By ensuring our in-house learning and development are delivered to a high standard, and that we create more opportunities for staff, we’re equipped with a workforce ready to tackle the fast-paced travel industry. 

While problem-solving is key to meeting these challenges, emotional intelligence is equally important in making customers feel heard and empowered. Being flexible and providing customers with choices means we take our services a step further than a superficial checklist approach. 

Jay Dean, Team Leader

My core tips: delivering efficiently and removing additional stress is critical to customer satisfaction.

I’ve worked at Flight Centre for close to a decade, beginning as a Consultant and then moving into a Senior Management role.A huge part of my job is helping customers during periods of stress, when they’re travelling because of upsetting situations, or even when they can’t get home from their destination. Given the circumstances. These customers require us to be tactful, intuitive and even quicker than usual in our response. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our performance in these times. 

Ultimately, we always follow through on our promises – and that goes a long way in instilling trust and loyalty with our customers. 

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