How to Get Hired as a Travel Sales Consultant

How to Get Hired as a Travel Sales Consultant

So, you’ve bit the bullet and boldly sent in your application highlighting the best of your skills and experiences! What next!? Wonder what we look for once we receive your application via the interwebs? Read on for a behind the scenes look…

A passion for travel

This one is a no brainer! If you like staying at home in the same city, never venturing out or exploring and watching TV with your cat (although we love a bit of that) then you’ve applied to the wrong company. 

Our customers come to us because we’re the experts in travel and we love the joy it brings! To live up to the level of travel knowledge and experience that they expect, you’re a passionate traveller who has explored at least three countries outside of Australia - or, you should be! If you’re counting the countries you’ve been to and it’s not over three, book those tickets quick sticks! You’re welcome.

Driven to sell and excel

Picked up those awesome up-selling skills from your previous job in retail? Ready to smash budgets and deliver impeccable service?

When you work with us, you’ll have clear sales targets which are reviewed and discussed daily within your team. Your pay structure will be performance based, meaning the more you sell the more you'll earn. To be happy and successful in this environment, you need to be someone who is extremely goal-driven and ambitious, stopping at nothing to deliver outstanding customer service.

Relevant previous employment

You’ve gotta walk the walk and talk the talk. That’s why we look for candidates with at least four years’ work experience to join the team, demonstrating your relationship-building skills with customers and drive to exceed expectations. 

Experience leads to confidence, which is essential when you’re bringing travel dreams to life. While working in our team you'll have a heap of fun while enjoying an attractive performance-based pay structure that rewards success. You'll be in a store as close as possible to home in order to minimise your travel time and can look forward to progression opportunities that go hand-in-hand with being part of one of the world's largest travel agency groups.

Experience that counts

If you've worked in or as a:

  • Sales assistant
  • Retail sales
  • Sales rep / salesperson / consultant
  • Waiter / waitress
  • Hospitality
  • Bartender

Then here’s lookin’ at you, kid! You’ve got mad skills suited to the role and you should definitely smash that apply button.

And if you progress further down the track to securing a J-O-B with us, we look for...

Attention to detail

An average travel booking involves heaps of individual components and steps, so thoroughness is crucial. On top of that, our work environments are generally unpredictable and busy. You should be able to show us through previous examples that you’re organised, practical and able to handle multiple priorities.


Optimism is underrated! We look for people who can manage their own behaviour to stay positive in the face of setbacks and handle problems with a smile and a great attitude.

Openness to learning

We love to develop our people, so it’s important to be open to feedback and different ways of doing things in order to improve. Expect a steep learning curve in this role, as well as an expectation to continuously develop. If you don’t have something pushing you, you might as well be going backwards!

Team player

There’s no ‘i’ in team! Whilst we are accountable for our own work, we always work in a team. You’ll enjoy celebrating team achievements, and genuinely care about others. We develop strong, trustworthy relationships with colleagues and go out of our way to help them.

Need help deciding on which store to apply for?

It’s best to choose a location that is close to where you live, easily accessible via public transport or by car, and in an area you’d enjoy working in. 

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