How Flight Centre Travel Group Fosters Career Development

How Flight Centre Travel Group Fosters Career Development

Aside from the scope of the role itself, one factor that significantly influences how employees feel about their job is their workplace environment.  We spoke to Jo-Lene Lally about her journey from Services Manager to Commercial Analyst at Flight Centre Travel Group, and how working in a great environment has supported her career development.

Carving out my career as a Commercial Analyst

I started at Flight Centre Travel Group as a manager in the Shared Services team. After I learned the ropes, I decided I wanted to have a bigger impact on the business and a bigger role in the company. To my luck, a great job within another of FCTG’s businesses became available as a commercial analyst. So I jumped at the chance and went for it! 

So, what do I now as a Commercial Analyst? Well, I look at big data and splice it up and look at ways that we can identify trends in the market and maximise our profits. I also examine the overall analysis of our business and look at things like what products and services sell really well and what ones do not sell and what times of the year do they sell the best. 

Smashing my personal and professional goals 

Flight Centre Travel Group has been a massive support to me in achieving my goals, both personally and within the business. I’m definitely in the role I am now because of all the support I have had. 

For example, I study part-time and work full-time and in my department, I’m able to access additional leave days that I can dedicate to study. Without that benefit, I wouldn’t be able to juggle work and study. But thanks to the company’s support, I’m growing my skills and I get to have a healthy work-life balance too!

Making the most of our amazing work environment

The most exciting thing for most new starters at Flight Centre Travel Group is the positive, supportive and encouraging environment. We truly have one of the best workplace environments out there because:

  • Everyone at the company supports one another and wants everyone to be the best that they can be 
  • Transparent and honest communication makes employees feel they belong in the organisation 
  • The company has a high-performance culture that encourages innovation and creativity and incentivises achievements

Since joining Flight Centre Travel Group seven years ago, I’ve been given countless opportunities to develop my career within the company and work towards my personal goals. So I’m clearly a big advocate for the company – I wouldn’t have stayed this long if I wasn’t!

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