Nikki Tiedeman, Flight Centre Area Leader


Flight Centre area leader Nikki Tiedeman’s love of travel translated into a career spanning seven years, making a difference in people’s lives by opening up the world to those who want to see.


Photo: Nikki at the front desk of our Flight Centre Hyper store on George St in Sydney CBD.

When I was growing up, I always dreamt of living in a foreign country – the UK to be precise, for reasons unknown – considering I grew up in sunny South Africa and had never even visited the place!

At age 18, with no clear pathway or insight into what I wanted to study at uni, I left my safe haven – the small country town I'd called home my entire life, and took the first step of my adventure – now the rest of my life.  NYC was calling! 

It only seemed fitting that my next stop was the UK. Fast forward two years, two jobs, four trips to Europe spanning eight countries, many new friends to explore with and share about a thousand pints with, a new home in London, meeting my now Aussie husband and one trip home to South Africa later, I found myself in Sydney, Australia.

Three years on and about another 10 counties later, I decided to quit my existing sales job went for an interview for a new job as a travel consultant at Flight Centre with my then future team leader and area leader. It was at that moment I knew that this would be the first step of my next adventure and my career.


 Photo: Nikki taking in the view of Los Angeles from behind the Hollywood sign

I remember thinking “Wow, imagine if I could have that job one day. Wouldn't that be an awesome role to take on?”

What amazed me during the interview was how personable and real my area leader was and how did she even had the time to be at this interview? This was before I knew what the Flight Centre Travel Group Philosophies of Egalitarianism or Brightness of Future meant. 

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Seven years on I am now in an area leader role at Flight Centre and I feel fortunate and privileged on a daily basis to have the responsibility of running a multi-million dollar business.  Opportunity and a sense of ownership are two of the things I value the most about Flight Centre, especially as your background or education does not matter (I still haven't worked out what I want to study at uni!). If you choose to believe in yourself and take responsibility for your results and daily actions, you will see success at FCTG.

Nikki (1)

Photo: Nikki having a fantastic time at Robben Island Museum, South Africa.

A passing thought and a fleeting insight into the company values from that initial interview have set the foundation for my success so far.  The consistent development of my skill set toward my own Brightness of Future and the belief in my ability has spurred me on over the years.  The many mentors who have challenged me and the lifelong friends I've shared experiences and travelled the world with are what make this journey with the world's most exciting travel company one that I will cherish and hold dear forever. 

Our company is in existence because of two things: our people but, most importantly, our customers and because I genuinely care about these two elements, it simplifies why I do what I do.  I was recently reminded of this when one of my dear clients of six years, who I'd had the privilege of booking trips for, passed away. I received an email from his son saying: "Thank you for being someone he held dear in his life". 

With FCTG,  we have the power to influence people’s lives and make a difference to open the world for those who want to see. 

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