Study to Store - Faith’s Flight Centre Journey So Far...

Faith Hughes Snorkeling in Daydream Island Whitsundays

Faith’s journey to becoming a Travel Consultant at Flight Centre Southbank was when she became restless within her hospitality role and desired to land a job in travel. With a little help from her sister, she discovered Flight Centre Travel Academy’s Whitsundays Work, Study + Play program and knew it was the opportunity for her.

Once she discovered the Whitsundays program, she saw an exciting way to bring together her academic and professional ambitions.

The whole idea of going into a new career, moving out of home, going to live in the Whitsundays – I was absolutely blown away.

Faith’s time spent in Daydream Island working full time and studying for her Diploma in Travel & Tourism was a change of pace from her old life in hospitality. From learning how to preserve, and manage her time & workload – Faith believes it made her resilient and enabled her to grow both personally & professionally.

From there she was able to move into the role of a sales travel consultant at Flight Centre Southbank in February 2022. When she started in store, it was only her and two others working and the consultations were non-stop making for quite a shock, however, it was her team that made all the difference

I love the guys that I work with. We were instantly able to get along and they were so eager to help.


Since starting, more consultants have joined the team at Flight Centre Southbank and Faith describes how fun her team is.

It makes a big difference, to be able to get along with the guys you work with, and actually have fun while you're at work.

Faith mentions she’s no longer counting down the minutes until she can clock off as she used to in previous jobs. Even in her first year as a consultant, Faith was able to experience the unique way Flight Centre Travel Group celebrates and rewards its’ Flighties by attending Flichella.

Flichella was awesome! Especially, since in previous jobs I haven't had an opportunity to socialize with my co-workers outside the job itself.

In addition to being able to socialize with her fellow consultants at Riverstage for Flichella 2022, she loved how much fun the whole experience was – from dressing up for the theme to watching the performances on stage.


Aside from getting pumped about next year’s Flichella, Faith is working towards pursuing her professional aspirations. As her team leader put it – she’s not stuck in one role and that being a consultant can be the starting point for her life and career. With the vast array of roles available within Flight Centre Travel Group, Faith expresses she’s keen on pursuing a creative role.

Not exactly sure where I’ll end up, but I’m interested in something creative…like working behind the scenes on photography & video shoots. There are so many opportunities [within Flight Centre Travel Group] and it’s a very good company.

With the journey Faith has been on since joining the Flight Centre family, it will be exciting to see where her career takes her from here.

Like Faith, are you interested in kickstarting your career in travel?

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