What it’s Like to Be a “Professional Traveller”

What it’s Like to Be a Professional Traveller

I decided to work in travel after my first ever international trip. I won an award for being a top performer at my former job in retail sales and the company rewarded me with a free trip to Europe. The trip had me hooked and changed my life forever! From then on, I knew a career in travel was right for me.

I started with Flight Centre in one of their retail stores in 2011, and in the time that has passed, they’ve given me more opportunities than any other company could. They’ve provided me with the opportunity to travel overseas while earning money, combining flexibility in how I work. I’ve gone from travelling for fun to being a $4-million consultant and the number one travel consultant in the whole company last financial year. 

Achieving a healthy work-life balance

After eight years with the company I was ready for a change, and I managed to land Travel Manager role in another FCTG brand, Travel Club — a member-only leisure travel business in Australia for busy corporates. At first, I had my doubts about moving from retail store environment to an office-based role. I'm very set in my ways and can easily get comfortable. But having made the change and seeing what life is like on the other side, I would never go back! 

I work part-time, which means typical Monday-to-Friday hours with no weekends. Plus, there’s so much flexibility in my role! I can work from my desk in FCTG head office with the added perks of the lively office environment and amenities like free gym, meeting rooms and plenty of food options just outside. Or, if I feel like getting out and about, I have the option to meet clients at their place of work. I also like that because of the membership-based model, there are fewer emails and phone calls with my clients to build trust — the trust is already there, so they’re ready to plan their dream holidays and book! 

Being able to work part-time and still be the top travel manager in Australia just goes to show how a healthy work-life balance is so important to a person’s performance and happiness. 

Travel Club’s workplace culture

We are a tight-knit group and a small brand, so everyone knows each other across the different states. Gatherings of all three teams are rare, so when we do get together, the conferences are very fun and extravagant! Because it is such a tight-knit brand, everyone's opinion matters. Everyone's voice is heard.

We also deal a lot with Corporate Traveller and FCM as we attend their conferences locally. We’ve developed a great relationship with them as they refer us a lot of their corporate clients for leisure travel. They are considered our customers as well.

The salary and job perks 

While I was working full-time, my figures were stagnant and average. I hit my all-time personal best out of the nine years I’ve worked for the Flight Centre Travel Group when I reduced my working days.

I’m able to customise projects and packages for clients’ companies and employee base, developing my ability to effectively handle different clients and situations. I’ve also learned how to manage groups effectively, looking after key corporate accounts on behalf of FCM and Corporate Traveller. We still do leisure and retail bookings of course, it's just a different level of clientele now that involves corporate level service.

Above all, Flight Centre Travel Group has given me more opportunities than any other company I’ve worked for. The company recognises my performance, allows me to travel and work overseas and gives me flexibility in how I work. I can’t imagine a more ideal workplace that rolls my skills and passion for travel into one. 

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