Why I’m Passionate About Working in Travel

Why I’m Passionate About Working in Travel

After working in hospitality, Emily Gheorghisor found her passion when she moved into travel. She shares with us how she knew it was a time for change, and why she loves working in travel at Universal Traveller.

It can be hard finding a role that you’re truly passionate about. I ended up leaving my previous job as I felt that I wasn’t being stimulated enough mentally and needed a change. It came down to really thinking about what I really love doing, and travelling was the first thing that came to mind.

As a Travel Consultant at Universal Traveller, I’ve never felt more loved and cared for. It goes to show that following your passion can lead to you finding a job that’s exciting and makes you want to jump out of bed each morning.

Here are some of the reasons why I’m glad I chose to work in travel for my career. 

Reason #1: Creating dream holidays

What really excites me are the destination inquiries we get from our customers. I love creating new and epic holidays, and it’s very rare for any travel itinerary to look the same. It’s about creating new products and personalising holidays for our customers so that they can have the best experience in their dream location. 

There are challenges, like every type of work, but at the end of the day, it’s about providing the best experience we can to ensure our customers leave happy. 

Reason #2: Opportunities to step up

The most interesting thing I’m learning in my role right now is how to manage a team. It’s a great opportunity because it challenges me to step up and learn how to take on the role of a leader. It also means that I have had to adapt to a different dynamic with my team. It sounds easy, but I’ve had to get more confident when it comes to setting standards, giving direction and motivating my team. This is totally new as we were all originally working together as consultants and I’ve only had this added responsibility recently. It’s taken a little getting used to for both myself and my team but I appreciate how supportive they’ve been through the whole process!

Reason #3: Supportive work culture

Universal Traveller is a part of Flight Centre Travel Group, and what I find really great about that is how supportive our work environment is. It never ceases to amaze me how much they care for you and how much you get rewarded and recognised for your achievements. 

I have never worked at a company where I have felt this much love and care. I went through a rough patch earlier this year and the support I felt from my manager, team and area leader was beyond my expectations! It really goes to show the difference a positive work culture can make in helping to create a work-life balance. 

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