Working at a Flight Centre Specialist Store: First & Business

Jasmine Johnson joined Flight Centre Travel Group in 2012 and was promoted to Assistant Team Leader just six months later. Now she works as a Team Leader at a specialist First & Business store in Sydney. Here, Jasmine shares some of her favourite aspects of the job.

Flexible working opportunities

Working at Flight Centre First & Business is a little different from working at the rest of the company. When you picture Flight Centre, you probably imagine one of our fantastic travel consultants wearing the uniform, greeting you at one of our stores.

At First & Business, it’s a little more flexible. Instead of being front and centre, most of us work “back of house”. As a result, our working arrangements can afford to be a little more flexible. In fact, some of us even work from home.

The ability to be flexible in time and location for working is one of my favourite things. You can’t underestimate the amount of difference flexible working makes to your life, particularly for people with kids and families, or demanding commutes.

Building a loyal client base

One of the most rewarding things for consultants is seeing their database organically grow. For most consultants, it takes about a year after joining to build a solid, reliable list. That’s why I recommend brand new consultants actively focus on trying to grow their client base – the more people you know, the more business you’ll get. Not to mention, clients come back for repeat business, and most importantly, if they trust you and your recommendations, they’ll start referring friends and family to you as well.

To build a list well, you really need to do your research and understand your customers. The demographics of each Flight Centre brand are very different. For example, at Universal Traveller, our main clients are students. Here at First & Business, we cater to people who want to take first and business class flights to luxury locations around the world. Knowing what they’re looking for is key and staying on top of travel trends ensures customers trust my experience and recommendations. 

Having fun with the team

The team doesn’t just come together for work. We do all sorts of fun things together, such as painting classes, or we might go to the movies. We’ve even done a cruise together before. Because of the flexibility in our work, some members of the team might not see each other five days a week, so it’s important we still make time to get to know each other – and of course, have fun.

All the different Flight Centre Travel Group brands have different focuses, but in the end, we’re a unified team. We get to meet other people at our buzz nights, celebrate together at the Global Gathering (if we qualify!) and so on. It really makes you feel like you’re part of something much bigger.

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