Day in the life of a Travel Agent

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Being a Travel Agent isn’t only about booking amazing holidays for your customers. It is a career that inspires, excites, challenges and rewards on a daily basis. We won't sugar coat it though- this job is also hard work and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order for our customers to have amazing holiday experiences. 

Every morning before the shop opens to the public, it’s time to do some prep work; checking emails, setting up your diary for the day of appointments ahead, plus check any urgent updates from airlines ... and maybe a coffee to get ready for a big day!

8am - Time to prep

The team then comes together and holds what we can an "A.M. Planner"; led by a member of your team. An A.M. Planner is an essential communication tool that we use every day. At the AM Planner you’ll share achievements from the previous day, today’s targets, and updates on the hottest airline, hotel and supplier deals.

What it Takes

Once those doors open for the day’s trading, you never know who's going to walk in. With a constant stream of advertising activity always underway, customers might bring in newspapers with special deals they have seen, mention an ad they heard on the radio or spotted on the TV.

12pm - Bring on the lunch rush

Lunch is rarely taken at a set time because one thing you'll learn to love is the rush hour. Particularly for stores located in the CBD, or areas with heavy foot traffic, you’ll soon understand just how busy your store can get when you experience your first rush hour with workers on their lunch breaks popping in, and the phone ringing off the hook.

After the lunch rush, it's usually a good time to take a break and enjoy some downtime before you get back to work and follow-up from a busy morning, contacting suppliers, sending customers their final documentation, and perhaps prepare for an appointment with an afternoon customer.

In the afternoon you might leave the office and catch up with your Team Leader as part of your dedicated one-on-one meetings. These are designed to give you the opportunity to talk freely with your Team Leader about your targets, and future plans for professional development.

Become a Travel Consultant
3pm - Lock it all in
After your meeting, its time to follow up on existing bookings with wholesalers, airlines and customers, and tackle any last minute booking requests that pop up in the afternoon.

Today might have included a booking for two return business class tickets to New York, a group booking onboard a European river cruise, a solo backpacking tour through Europe, or a domestic accommodation and car hire package... and who knows what tomorrow might bring!

6pm - It's been a big day!

To wrap up a busy day creating amazing travel experiences it’s time to share your wins, and learning opportunities with your team in a P.M. planner. 

Afterwork you're off to a personal training session with Healthwise Global, just one of the amazing perks at Flight Centre Travel Group!

There is no average day in the life of a Travel Agent, as each day is so different, the destinations, the people, and the challenges! For us, it’s all about going on a journey, while sending our customers to their destination. 

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